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Switch your Mac to night vision

The color blind among you might have noticed that the Universal Access section in Preferences allows you to invert colors on your Mac. Nocturne performs a similar task, however giving you a bit more flexibility. Accessible from your menu bar...
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  • by Anonymous

    Great but there are some bugs. I love Nocturne. There is a bug that if I close my laptop the screen will be "day mode" even though it is set to "night." Also it does not effect my external display unless I close my laptop. Cons: Needs to stay in night mode when I reopen laptop. Needs to effect external display when my laptop is open

  • by Anonymous

    Great program. I found this program to be quite useful in reducing the strain on my eyes. The 'invert hue' function made graphics seem seamless by comparison to changing the background colors on XP. It would be great if I could use this with Windows 7, which lacks theme options for such low-light situations.

  • by Anonymous

    Owl’s darling. I work usually late in the evening with only a little ambient light in the office. Touch typing works perfectly without too much light on the keyboard and any superfluous light from the monitor is very distracting and starts to hurt on the eyes after a while. Unfortunately is the lowest setting for my Mac’s back-light still way to bright. With Nocturne I have two favourite options: More

  • by Anonymous

    like Jesus. you either hate it or you love it. i love it. the guys in my office think i'm crazy. Pros: easy on the eyes configurable consistent across applications. Cons: not as configurable as could be images are reversed ... to view a web page (for example), and not get a headache, switch back to day view